Hunit Days of Summer

"I'm on the map but these niggas can't find're looking in the wrong section niggas, at the bottom, is a legend niggas" - Hunit Days of Summer
“I’m on the map, but these niggas can’t find me…you’re looking in the wrong section niggas, at the bottom, is a legend niggas” – Hunit Days of Summer

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Hunit Days of Summer, is a breath of fresh air for the Philadelphia rap scene. His listeners place him on the level of J.Cole as far content, and on the level of Lil Wayne, when it comes to punchlines. He himself refers to his music as, “conscious-ratchetness”. One thing is for sure, this 33 year old, South Philly native, is not your typical urban rapper.

“My biggest musical influence was my older brother”, says Hunit Days of Summer. “He wrote a verse for me when I was 8. Then he gave me the paper and told me to finish it. That’s how I started rapping…I rap, because of him”. His brother, James T. Manigo Jr., was shot and killed a few weeks later. “I produced my first song after that, using instrumentals from a Casio keyboard my mom bought me for Christmas. I had it on cassette tape”.

Hunit Days of Summer’s other musical influences are, Jay-Z, Canibus & Lil Wayne. “Canibus taught me the art of punchlines. Before that I was just rhyming. I’d never said “Damn” because of something someone said in a rap before him. I wanted people to react the same way, when they heard my shit”.

Hunit Days of Summer has only been on the Philly rap scene for about a year, but he’s already taken on a reputation as a “hit-maker”. He landed his very first celebrity feature from a Philadelphia legend, Omillio Sparks of State Property, after Sparks heard Hunit’s hit song, ‘Flippin’. The song is gaining more and more popularity due to social media and word of mouth. Flippin’ now available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify &

Flippin’ By Hunit Days of Summer

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Hunit Days of Summer Performing Flippin’ Remix with Omillio Sparks at ION Night Club in Philadelphia

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